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About Steve Rhodes - 2018 Market Timer of the Year

Steve is author of Mastering Probability, a daily newsletter service that provides strategic “Money Management” tools which create long term compounding wealth.  His proprietary system, the "Rhodes Momentum Trading Strategy" is consistent and accurate in all market types.


Like most successful entrepreneurs, Steve has combined the work of other market masters and then figured out what they didn't see and he shares that system with subscribers and listeners to his daily radio shows, seen and heard at each day.


Steve is an extraordinary educator and understands that the fastest way to learn anything is to link the known to the unknown, making it easier for new and experienced technicians to learn how to analyze the markets.


Over the last 130 years, only 39% of the time has been "boom time".  That means that the economy is going to change and Steve will teach you how to tune out the noise of the media, look at what the buyers and sellers are doing and form a strategy for success for you.


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