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Understand your driving force, take the human needs test below

Six human needs form the basis of every decision we make in life.  If you want to have the ultimate life with extraordinary relationships and the ability to profoundly impact others, take the next few moments to answer 84 questions and learn about your driving force.

The six human needs are:

  • Certainty – the need for safety, stability, security, comfort, order, predictability, control and consistency

  • Variety – the need for surprise, challenges, excitement, excitement, chaos, adventure and change

  • Significance – the need to have meaning, be special, take pride, be needed & wanted, have a sense of importance and worthy of love

  • Love & connection – the need for communication, to be unified, feel connected, intimate and loved by others

  • Growth – the need for constant emotional, intellectual and spiritual development

  • Contribution – the need to give beyond ourselves and to care, protect and serve others

There are 620 different possible combinations, many of which create an inner conflict that limit our abilities to have the life we deserve.

You are just moments away from understanding your inner conflicts and having everything you want in life.  Select the answer that best fits you.

Human Needs Test




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